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2016 Conference Galleries

Kate Bingaman-Burt

Illustrator & Educator

Tad Carpenter

Designer, Illustrator,
Author & Educator


Poet, Activist, Academic & EMCEE

Brad Montague

Writer, Director & Creator of Kid President

Jason Mayden

Co-Founder & CPO AT Slyce, Designer-In-Residence AT Accel Partners

Josh Higgins

Creative Director at Facebook

Jen Mussari

Hand-lettering Artist at Ghostly Ferns

Laura Bohill

Designer, Illustrator at Ghostly Ferns

Meg Lewis

Designer at Ghostly Ferns

Alex Medina

Creative Director at Reach Records

Andy J. Miller

Designer, Illustrator & Host of the Creative Pep Talk podcast

Tuesday Bassen


Nathan Goldman
Dan Kulkhen


Jenna Blazevich

Designer, Illustrator & Hand-letterer

Josh Emrich

Brand Designer & Illustrator

Reuben & Toya Levi

Founders of Grits Co. Clothing

Jenn Bane

Head of Community at Cards Against Humanity & Blackbox

Andrew Neyer

Artist & Designer

Morgan Kaye

VP Community at Bloglovin'

Matt Ladner

Designer & Developer at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Joe Greer



Briar Levit

Professor, designer & filmmaker


DKNG: Essentials of Vector Illustration

Workshop led by DKNG

This workshop will cover the essential steps we take with every new vector illustration protect - from setting up our file, artboard, color palette, integrating type, and plenty of helpful tips and techniques that help us work quickly and efficiently. Participants will create their own sticker, patch, or pin design, utilizing the steps of our process to integrate both illustration and type into their composition. 

Materials to Bring:

  • favorite drawing tools
  • computer with Illustrator/Photoshop

Materials Provided:

  • loose sketch paper
  • pens/pencils

Zine Extravaganza: An Exploration into Small Press Publication Culture, Distribution and Commerce

Workshop led by Kate Bingaman-Burt

In this workshop, we’ll explore the materials, supplies, formats, and production techniques used to make zines. We'll split into groups to select your zine topic, then we’ll transform our work space into a zine factory! Participants can also make a zine on their own in addition to the group work. Breakout sessions will cover content, production, and execution. You'll come away from this workshop with the publications you've made, plus the knowledge and tools to make more!

Materials Provided:

  • paper
  • non-ball point pens / sharpie markers
  • scissors
  • gluesticks
  • photocopier

Materials to Bring:

  • collage material (vintage magazines, thrift store books, ephemera etc)

Crafting a Craft Brand

Workshop led by Josh Emrich

The success of craft beer has spilled over into other industries such as artisanal foods, apparel, and outdoor gear, creating a huge opportunity for creatives. These projects can be rewarding and creatively fullfilling, but managing a craft client and developing a successful brand has it’s own unique set of challenges. Josh will share his insight on how to build strong relationships with craft clients and what it takes to create a craft brand that’s on point. 

Materials to Bring:

  • smartphone or tablet
  • notebook for sketching/notes

The Art of Blogging: From Storytelling to Monetizing

Workshop led by Morgan Kaye, VP Community at Bloglovin'

Even in a socially driven digital landscape, blogs continue to be the place advertisers center a majority of their marketing efforts. Where social is a fleeting thought, a blog is a place to document one's full story over time - it's evergreen content that can continue to drive value for a brand. Together, both digital outlets compliment each other to tell one, holistic story. In this workshop, we'll focus on the evolution of blogging, the art of storytelling, and how to make this a viable business. We'll address core milestones within the blogging process from getting started, to growing your audience, to monetization efforts. 

GHOSTLY FERNS: Design Triathlon

Workshop led by Ghostly Ferns

Part competition, part workshop, part party! Join Ghostly Ferns Meg, Jen, and Laura as they mentor and cheer you on through each leg of a design triathlon. Events include Brand Direction, Typography, and Design. At the finish line you'll have made a complete, albeit weird, design. After a vote, the winner receives a jumbo trophy and a firm pat on the back! Fear not, no prior knowledge of design needed for this sports event.

Beginner Oblique Calligraphy

Workshop led by Jenna Blazevich

This beginner calligraphy workshop will cover the basics of pointed pen oblique calligraphy.  We will work with a simplified alphabet that references Copperplate and Spencerian styles, and we'll also explore an additional brush pen lettering technique.  Whether you've picked up a calligraphy pen before or aren't sure what one looks like, this class is for you. I will go over the basics of lettering from the very beginning - how to setup your pen, dip ink, brush strokes and writing letters. 

Materials Provided:

  • drawing tools
  • sketchbook

Clarity On Your Creative Career Goal

Workshop led by Andy J. Miller

The best way to make progress is having clarity and confidence in your chosen goal. But with so much noise, how do you narrow down and focus? Let Dr. Andy J. Pizza's goal making framework, thought experiments and activities melt away the distractions and chaos!

Materials Provided:

  • drawing tools
  • notebook for sketching/notes

The Art of Storytelling Through Mobile PhotographY

Workshop led by Joe Greer

Come learn from well known photographer, Joe Greer, on how to elevate your mobile photography and effectively share your story through photographs. Get hands-on tips and tricks using the most advanced and beautiful photo-centric app available: VSCO. We’ll focus on subject, composition, editing, and process flow to more quickly get stunning results from shooting with your phone. You’ll also learn about how to share your photographs on VSCO and elsewhere to foster an authentic and engaged audience.

Materials to Bring:

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