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2015 Creative WorkS CONFERENCE Recap

Creative Works celebrates the often overlooked but essential role of creatives in every community. But more than that, it's a place to both form and catalyze our own creative community—to learn from one another, have some fun, dream together, and take action.

Our focus is Memphis, but our principles are universal. When like-minded creatives come together, inspire one another, and share their ideas, bigger and better things happen.

Bobby C. Martin Jr.

Founding Partner, OCD

Viktoria Harrison

Creative Director, Charity Water

Jeremy Cowart


Dan Cassaro

Designer / Illustrator

Von Glitschka

Illustrative Designer

Amy & Jen Hood

Hoodzpah Design Co.

Mikey Burton

Designer / Illustrator

Matt Stevens

Designer / Illustrator

Meg Lewis


Demetre Arges

Exec. Creative Director, Digital Kitchen

Andy J. Miller

Designer / Illustrator / Podcaster

Nathan Peretic & Jay Fanelli

Cotton Bureau

Kathy Weller

Artist / Designer / Writer / Hand-Letterer

Dan Christofferson

Illustrator / Artist / Designer

Nate Utesch

Graphic Artist / Musician

Dan Dickson

Creative/Design Director

Erica Gorochow

Animation Director / Designer / Illustrator

Gina Binetti

iOS Engineer, Kickstarter


FRIDAY 10:00am-11:30am & SATURDAY 10am-11:30am
Emerge Memphis, Tennessee Room

Good Times & Collaboration

Workshop led by: Dan Christofferson, Dan Cassaro & Nate Utesch

The Good Times and Collaboration workshop (GTAC) is a partnership between Big Cartel, Young Jerks and Ferocious Art & Fiction. GTAC is part game and part art project, open to everyone, and a great excuse to hang out and draw with friends. The room is divided into collaborative teams and you are provided with the bare bones essentials needed to illustrate, letter, or visually problem solve under pressure. The exercises you and your team will endure will result in a one-off, printed GTAC Workshop Issue mailed to your doorstep—yours forever alongside the memories we'll make during our time together. Learn more here.

Materials to Bring:

The tools you feel most comfortable with when tasked with illustrating without a computer.

Materials Provided:

  • loose sketch paper
  • pens/pencils

FRIDAY 10:00am-11:30am
Emerge Memphis, Memphis Room

Why t-shirts matter & how to design something people will love to wear

Workshop led by: RealThread

Learn what makes a great shirt and how they can grow your brand! Every participant will have the opportunity to design and vote on their favorite t-shirt design from the class. The winner will receive a free run of shirts, of their winning design, printed back at Real Thread HQ! You will also get some hands on time as we will be live printing an exclusive Creative Works t-shirt design by Brandon Rike!

Materials to Bring:

  • favorite drawing utensil
  • computer with Illustrator/Photoshop
  • Adobe Shape CC (Free App)

Materials Provided:

  • loose sketch paper
  • pens/pencils

FRIDAY 10:00am-11:30am
Creative Works Space, Emerge Memphis #227

Creating Vector Art That Doesn’t Suck!

Workshop led by: Von Glitschka

Walk through a systematic process for building precise well-crafted vector artwork. Von will be sharing his process and have handouts and links to reference back to after the workshop. He will also be handing out free stuff and prizes!

Materials to Bring:

Optional to bring your own laptop.

Materials Provided:

  • loose sketch paper
  • pens/pencils

SATURDAY 10:00am-11:30am
Creative Works Space, Emerge Memphis #227

Scribble Stories: Lettering without a net

Workshop led by: Kathy Weller

Take a deep dive into sketching quotes! In this workshop, Kathy will share her untechnical and intuitive, yet design-informed methods that define her expressive "Scribble Stories" style of hand-lettered quote illustrations. She will share the initial life experience which helped spark the fire to develop this method, the ideology behind it, and the general principles that define the style. Please come armed with a short quote or phrase of your choice, your favorite pencil and eraser, a sketchbook, and an open mind! (Doodle paper will also be available.) Both experienced and casual sketchers (and super-casual sketchers) are welcome! Just bring your own unique creative spark and an interest and enthusiasm to draw expressive letters, phrases and quotes!

Materials to Bring:

  • short quote or phrase of your choice

  • The tools you feel most comfortable with when tasked with illustrating without a computer.

Materials Provided:

  • loose sketch paper
  • pens/pencils
  • erasers

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