Creative Works Design Bootcamp is a 12-week intensive, project-based course in design and communication. As you learn the fundamentals of creative problem solving, you will define, build, and launch a real campaign to solve a real problem you see in your community.

This course is designed to give you real-world project experience while building your creative skill set. You’ll leave equipped with the power to affect greater change in your career, your community, or your organization through design.

The bootcamp is the equivalent of two college semesters packed into less time than one, and is taught by top creative leaders in Memphis. You will have direct access to course instructors for in-person advice and feedback throughout the course. All software and materials are included, you just need a computer (see requirements below).

Dates: July 11 - September 30 (12 weeks)

Every Tuesday & Thursday night from 6-9pm.

Cost: $500*

Note: This pilot course is the first of its kind for Creative Works, and the first of its kind in Memphis. We know we’re going to learn a lot along the way, so the course is deeply discounted and will be limited to only 12 individuals. 

*discounted from $1,980

    This course is for you if you have...

    • an interest in learning practical design skills
    • a background in marketing without hands-on design instruction
    • a position requiring you to create promotional materials or social media content
    • little or no prior experience with design software
    • the desire to know how to solve problems and accelerate change using creativity and design


    • Your own laptop capable of running Adobe Creative Cloud (software will be provided; see if your computer meets the system requirements)
    • Basic computer literacy
    • Reliable transportation to and from downtown Memphis
    • Ability to miss no more than one session over the 12 weeks


    Course Curriculum

    Week 1: The Intro
    Discover how to approach a problem with design thinking, using empathy, research, creativity, and prototyping.

    Week 2: The Basics
    Learn the building blocks of design as a whole, and begin exploring Adobe Creative Cloud software.

    Week 3: The Principles
    Understand the fundamentals of balance, pattern, and symmetry, and get more hands-on with the design tools.

    Week 4: The Composition
    Learn how to effectively combine elements like typography, color, and imagery into complete compositions.

    Week 5: The Story
    Explore basics of effective written communication based on variables like audience, voice, and values.

    Week 6: The Problem
    Develop a creative brief to define a real problem you want to help solve with design, and continue building your software skills.

    Week 7: The Voice
    Research your target audience to develop a compelling and clear voice for your message.

    Week 8: The Brand
    Understand how to create visual elements that resonate with your audience and collectively reflect your core message.

    Week 9: The Campaign
    Design and assemble various visual and verbal elements into a cohesive campaign.

    Week 10: The Web
    Understand how to translate your campaign elements to the web to promote and distribute your message online.

    Week 11: The Collateral
    Finalize designs and pieces of communication across all platforms including print, web, and social.

    Week 12: The Solution
    Give and receive critical feedback from classmates and instructors to help finalize your campaign.

    Final: The Launch
    Present your campaign and creative process to the Creative Works community, including potential employers and supporters.