Creativity has the power to influence some of our most complex civic challenges. Sometimes, in places where money and politics alone can't. 

Creative Works is a nonprofit organization fiercely focused on the impact that design and creativity can have in people's lives. That's why we're building an ecosystem that grows and elevates the Memphis creative community.

In order to accelerate cultural and economic change, our city needs a thriving population of creative people. To get involved, connect with us on social media, through one of our monthly local events, and at our national annual conference.





Josh Horton

Founder & CEO

Josh is a designer and creative entrepreneur emphatic about the social and economic impact of design and creativity. After starting his design career in Seattle with Invisible Creature, he returned to his native Memphis in 2007 to build brands for small businesses and nonprofits. In 2014, he founded Creative Works to focus on empowering creative people.

Blake Lam

Director of Youth Education

Blake is a designer and educator with a passion for helping people and solving problems. He started his design career in Washington D.C. before moving to the Bluff City to pursue a Master’s degree in Urban Education. After three years teaching in Memphis middle schools, Blake joined Creative Works in 2017 to lead our youth education efforts.